Recent Publications

May 10, 2022

Our graduates are accomplished writers and authors. This list highlights recent publications spanning topics from the Civil War to the Cold War, gun culture to popular culture, and even bloomers!

If you wrote  a post, project, article, or book, we would love to know about it!  Please send the title, press, link (if applicable) & publication date to Emilie Raymond.

Glenn D. Brasher, Ph.D. (M.A. 1997) “The Peninsula Campaign” in Cambridge History of the American Civil War (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018) and “A Paean to PBS’ Mercy Street: The One Show That Got The Civil War Right”, April 17, 2017

Sara K. Eskridge, Ph.D. (M.A. 2006) "Rube Tube: CBS and Rural Comedy in the Sixties" (University of Missouri Press, 2018) and "US History: A Top Hat Interactive Text" (2016)

Brian E. Lee, Ph.D. (M.A. 2009) "Program of Action: The Rev. L. Francis Griffin and the Struggle for Racial Equality in Farmville, Virginia, 1963" [with Brian Daugherity] (Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, 2013)

Joshua R. LeHuray (M.A. 2013) "Virginians Will Dance Or Die!: The Importance of Music in Pre-Revolutionary Williamsburg" (McFarland, 2016)

John W. Lemza, Ph.D. (M.A. 2005) "The Big Picture: The Cold War on the Small Screen" (University Press of Kansas, 2021) and "American Military Communities in West Germany: Life in the Cold War Badlands" (McFarland Publishers 2016)

Michael E. Lynch, Ph.D. (M.A. 2001) "Edward M. Almond and His Army: From the 92nd Infantry Division to the X Corps" (University Press of Kentucky, 2019)

Nathan V. Madison (M.A. 2010) "American science fiction magazines in the pulp era" in The Routledge Companion to the British and North American Literary Magazine (Routledge, 2021) and "Tredegar Iron Works: Richmond’s Foundry on the James" (History Press, 2015)

Louis J. Palazzo (M.A. 2008) "The JTAC Fixation" and "Staying Plugged In" (Marine Corps Gazette 2012 and 2011)

Laura J. Ping (M.A. 2007) "Catharine Beecher: The Paradoxes of Gender in the Nineteenth Century," Lives of American Women Biography Series, Carol Berkin, ed. with Cindy R. Lobel (Philadelphia: Routledge forthcoming) and "A Tale of Two Bloomer Costumes: What Mary Stickley and Meriva Carpenter's Bloomers Reveal about Nineteenth Century Dress Reform," published in Dress: The Journal of the Costume Society of America Vol 47, 2021 pp. 139-153.

Mack H. Scott (M.A. 2010) "Running for a Nation: The Remarkable Story of Ellison "Tarzan" Brown" (Ethnohistory, 2020)

Solomon K. Smith (M.A. 2000) “Firearms Manufacturing, Gun Use, and the Emergence of Gun Culture in Early North America” 49th Parallel: An Interdisciplinary Journal of North American Studies, 34 (Autumn 2014) and “Pounding Dice into Musket Balls: Using Wargames to teach the American Revolution,” The History Teacher. Vol. 46, No. 4 (August 2014): 561-576.

Eric Szandzick (M.A. 2020) "President Clinton's Nonintervention in the Rwandan Genocide: An Analysis of U.S. Foreign Policy Decisions" (World Affairs Journal, Spring 2022)

Myja R. Thibault (M.A. 2005) "Rock in a Hard Place: Black Catholics in the Era of Vatican II- A Case Study" (American Catholic Studies, 2009)

Jared M. Tracy (M.A. 2003) "Victory through Influence: Origins of Psychological Operations in the US Army" (Texas A&M University Press, 2022)

Ana Edwards (M.A. 2020) "Bones in Stasis: The Challenging History and Uncertain Future of the Virginia State Penitentiary Collection" with Ellen Chapman and Libby Cook (Journal of the Anthropology of North America, 2020), and "Sister Cities: A Story of Friendship Between Richmond and Mali" (Brandylane Publishers, 2019) and "Reclaiming the Landscapes of Black History in Shockoe Botton 1695 > 1865 > 2015" (Digital Archaeological Record, 2016)

Alex Zukas (M.A. 2020) "A Power so Compelling" (Libraries, Culture, History, and Society 2021)