Why study history?

The study of history begins with questions, not answers. We seek to know what happened in the past, and we also seek to understand why.

As our present-day context raises new challenges for our communities, historians are inspired to ask new questions about the past, seeking understanding of a broad variety of human experiences. Historians explore questions about past politics and economics, intellectual developments, social concerns shaped by race, gender and class, and facets of culture ranging from arts and languages to human spaces and emotions. As a result, the study of history is dynamic, rather than static, and those trained in this discipline develop valuable skills in gathering, evaluating, connecting and interpreting factual information, and in the use of evidence to argue persuasively for their conclusions.

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Miguel Torres Yunda

Nov. 10, 2022

Former VCU History Student Miguel Torres Yunda: Unafraid and Unstoppable

VCU history student Nyah Graham chatted with former VCU history student Miguel Torres Yunda to learn about his journey at VCU, his pursuit of a Ph.D. and his future plans.

Film camp participants Bradley Baawuah, James Dew Hall and Leanna Morris prepare to film a scene under the instruction of VCU School of the Arts graduate student Manavi Singh (center) at VCU. (Photo by Kevin Morley, University Marketing)

Oct. 24, 2022

East Marshall Street Well Project engages community through film camp, K-12 education and archival research

A new grant supports public education, community research and public communication around the East Marshall Street Well and its history of structural and medical racism.

Jacques Moore, a history graduate student and author, is a Marine Corps veteran and operated a local automobile dealership for decades. (Contributed photo)

Oct. 19, 2022

History buff and VCU graduate student Jacques Moore is fascinated with the British monarchy

His interest led him to co-author a book that celebrated the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

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v.c.u. graduates with their graduation caps at the commencement

History Commencement Ceremony

Date: Saturday, Dec 10, 2022

Join the history department for the celebration of our graduates.