Specialty Minors

History courses can be applied to a number of interdisciplinary minors available at VCU, including: 

Minor in African-American Studies

An African-American Studies minor requires 18 credits, and can be fulfilled in part through the following history courses:

HIST 105-106 (Survey of African History)
HIST 361-362 (Americans from Africa)
HIST 387 (History of West Africa) 
HIST 388 (Africa: Social, Cultural, and Economic History)
HIST 389 (History of Southern Africa)
HIST 390 (Africa and the Americas: Slavery, Gender, and Race)
HIST 392 (The Caribbean to 1838)
HIST 393 (Akhenaten to Cleopatra)

For information on the African-American Studies minor, consult the VCU Bulletin and the Department of African-American Studies.

Minor in American Studies

The Minor in American Studies, an interdisciplinary program sponsored by the English and History departments, is devoted to the study of American culture and society.  The minor requires 18 upper-level courses, distributed across American Studies (AMST) and a combination of approved humanities and social sciences courses.  For more information, click here. 

Minor in Medical Humanities

The information on the Medical Humanities Minor can be found in the course bulletin, under the History Department offerings: http://bulletin.vcu.edu/undergraduate/college-humanities-sciences/history/medical-humanities-minor/

Minor in Women's Studies

The Women's Studies Minor requires 18 credits, including a number of required women's studies courses.  For information, see the VCU Bulletin and the Department of Women's Studies. The following history courses are cross-listed with women's studies:

HIST 339-340 (History of Women in Europe)
HIST 341 (American Women's History)
HIST 390 (Africa and the Americas: Slavery, Gender, and Race)

Minor in Religious Studies

The Minor in Religious Studies consists of 18 credits, with at least 9 of those credits at the upper level.  See the VCU Bulletin for a summary of requirements. History courses cross-listed with Religious Studies include:

HIST 301-302 (The Ancient Near East)
HIST 307 (The High Middle Ages)
HIST 309 (The Reformation)
HIST 325-326 (History of the Jewish People)
HIST 327 (History of Christianity)

Minor in British Studies

The British Studies Minor can be completed using courses in the departments of English, History, Religious Studies, Theatre, Philosophy, and Art History. The minor consists of 18 credits, of which 15 must be at the upper level. For information, see the VCU Bulletin and the British Studies at VCU homepage.