Student Opportunities

People sometimes think that history courses are about sitting passively through long lectures and learning long lists of dull facts. Nothing could be further from the truth! Active, experiential learning lies at the heart of what we do in the history department.


The Department of History offers a range of exciting internships in the local community. VCU was one of the first schools in the nation to offer formal internships in history. Students receive academic credit and job experience by working on projects of an historical nature with approved museums and agencies. 

Student Organizations

Students also form strong connections through our two clubs for history students, History Now! and the Alexandrian Society

Study Abroad

Students can engage actively with the past not just here at VCU and in Richmond but throughout the world by signing up for Study Abroad programs. Our signature program is the Summer Study Abroad in Barbados: Atlantic History & Culture.

Awards and Scholarships

In addition to the learning opportunities, the department offers a large number of scholarships and awards to our students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.