Financial Management

One of the greatest challenges faced by college students is financing their education, and meeting their own needs financially as they undertake that education. Students may want to take advantage of one or more of these resources in getting a handle on their finances:

  1. The Money Spot is a program supported by the VCU School of Business which provides free peer-to-peer coaching on financial issues from a VCU Finance major. Call (804) 827-0174 or email The Money Spot to make an appointment. Offices are open 10-4 M-F in Hibbs 211.
  2. The Office of Financial Aid manages all monetary support for students of History from within VCU. This office determines the allocation of federal financial aid, some university-wide scholarships, and federal work-study positions. 
  3. The Department of History offers scholarships and awards. Applications for these awards are typically collected early in the Spring semester, and all History majors are encouraged to apply. 
  4. RamPantry, a food bank for VCU students, may be of help to students facing immediate financial challenges.

Many VCU students balance a paid job with their studies in order to offset the costs of their education. We suggest the following employment advertising sites for students who might be seeking part-time work:

  1. SnagAJob
  2. Indeed
  3. ZipRecruiter
  4. VCU's employment listings
  5. Handshake, which handles work-study positions for students, as well as other employment at VCU.

Bargain-hunting for books

Books required for coursework have increasingly imposed a significant cost on students, but that cost can often be lessened by seeking out used copies via online retailers. This is an especially good strategy for those who may need to spread out the expenditure, as the local bookstores tend not to keep books on hand beyond about the third or fourth week of the semester. (Still, it is wise to give yourself as much lead time as possible to acquire books before you need them!). Students may wish to seek out used copies from the following vendors:

  1. Amazon
  2. Powell’s

Older publications which are out of copyright (and often critical to historians!) might also be available in digital scan for free use; some collections which are pertinent here are:

  1. Hathi Trust
  2. Project Gutenberg
  3. Project Gutenberg Australia