Master's in Education / Teacher Prep

Student enrolled in the Teacher Prep Program

Through the School of Education's Extended Teacher Preparation Program, students interested in teaching early childhood/elementary, middle, secondary or special education will complete studies combining the liberal arts and sciences with professional studies in an integrated sequence, typically over a five-year period. Individuals completing the program receive the simultaneous awarding of a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts in a liberal arts and sciences major (English, history, mathematics, biology, etc.), a Master of Teaching, and an endorsement to teach in their chosen field of professional study.

Course of Study

Many history majors are interested in a Master's of Education in secondary education with the goal of teaching history or social studies. A helpful overview of what is required for this program is available in the VCU Bulletin.

For history majors, the course of study consists of the following:

  • The Bachelor of Arts degree requirements as stipulated by the College of Humanities and Science and the history department
  • Broad endorsement courses in the fields of Political Science, Geography, and Economics
  • 33 hours of graduate study under the guidelines of the School of Education.

Students must first apply for acceptance into the Teacher Prep program, typically before their fourth year. They then apply to advance to graduate study in the School of Education. A summary of that process can be found in the VCU Bulletin. 

Keep in mind that there are many different facets to education, and that not all careers in education involve secondary school teaching. The School of Education maintains a very useful list of graduate programs they offer, including concentrations in Counselor Education, Health and Human Performance, Special Education, Early and Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Reading, and Adult Learning.

Contacts & Information

Interested students should first consult the School of Education's overview for prospective students, as well as their Student Services Center for more information.  Specific queries can be directed to Gabriel Reich, and appointments to discuss the program can be made by calling their main office, 804-827-2670 (located in Oliver Hall, 1015 W. Main Street).

Students with a general interest in teacher certification and other requirements will also find useful information on the School of Education's Teacher Certification website.