Undergraduate Program

Students from History Now attending a field trip to a local historic site

The study of the past is indispensable to properly understanding the present, to becoming an informed and active citizen, and to acquiring the skills to analyze and interpret our world. The past is also a fascinating subject in its own right, offering opportunities to experience deep philosophical debate, unsolved mysteries, and an overall exposure to the unpredictable and intriguing experience of the human past.

VCU history majors are trained to think critically and communicate effectively while attaining a firm understanding of the past in all its complexity and diversity. VCU history students also benefit from a variety of university and department resources that help enrich their perspectives on that past, including our history internships program, study abroad opportunities, the Alexandrian Society, VCU's Center for Judaic Studies, the Science, Technology and Society (STS) Program, and the Extended Teacher Education Program. Many of our students also follow a course path that takes advantage of the university's American Studies and African-American Studies programs.

Our graduates have gone on to a variety of careers including law, historic sites, museums, teaching, business, government, and non-profits, as well as graduate programs throughout the country.