George E Munro

Professor, Russia
(804) 828-2211

George E. Munro studies Russia in the second half of the eighteenth century, particularly the reign of Catherine the Great. Most of his publications and continuing research have to do with the development of St. Petersburg and of commerce and finance. His book The Most Intentional City: St. Petersburg in the Reign of Catherine the Great(Fairleigh Dickinson University Press) was published 2008 as was an article, “Catherine Discovers St. Petersburg,” in Jahrbücher für Geschichte Osteuropas. His translation and editing of volumes 39 (The Reign of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna: Academy of Sciences, Domestic Unrest, Foreign Affairs, 1741-1752) and 31 (Peter the Great. Triumph in the West and the Campaign to the Caspian) of S. M. Soloviev'sHistory of Russia are completed and awaiting publication by Academic International Press. Work is now underway on volume 27. Dr. Munro is currently working on a study of commercial banking and finance in Catherine's reign and on a series of vignettes of daily life in eighteenth-century Russia. He serves regularly as a study leader on Smithsonian Journeys to Russia for the Smithsonian Institution's National Associates program (see Smithsonian website for details) and the National Geographic Society (see the National Georgraphic website for details).