Online Learning Success

student on laptop

As with the Fall semester, each of your classes for the Spring semester may be online or hybrid format, or may be meeting on campus. As you tackle the Spring semester, you’ll want to make sure you have completed the following checklist in preparation:

  • Complete the student onboarding training prior to your return to campus.
  • Make sure that you understand the differences between course modalities, and identify which of your courses will use which modalities.
  • Be sure you know how to access both online platforms in use for the 2020-2021 school year: Blackboard and Canvas. It would be wise to bookmark these sites on your computer.
  • Take this time to review your syllabi before classes begin, and reach out to your teachers with questions about course requirements.
  • Start taking steps to be successful online. You will need internet access and a computer to complete much of your coursework this semester. Financial aid may be available for students who are having difficulty gaining access to a laptop or other internet device.

For additional information and resources, please visit the CHS Fall 2020 Student Resource Guide and the VCU Keep Learning page.