Peregrine Palimpsests: Upcoming Blake lecture in the history of Christianity

March 18, 2021

Susan Holman. Landscape with cross in the distance

Join us March 18 at 6:00 PM via Zoom webinar for the 2021 Blake lecture in the history of Christianity titled "Peregrine Palimpsests: Medical-religious border crossing in the lives and luggage of three migrant monks" featuring Susan R. Holman; John R. Eckrich Chair and Professor of Religion and the Healing Arts, Valparaiso University 

Ancient Greek medical texts survived for medieval and modern translators in part as vellum palimpsests, erased undertexts that were literally overwritten by theology, liturgy, and hagiography of Christian late antiquity. Similar but more metaphorical medical palimpsests traveled across perilous borders written into the bodies and religious imaginaries of monastic and episcopal refugees. Such luggage in the lives of these foreign travelers evokes cultural intersections between disease and religion that continue to shape Christian thought today. This lecture will consider medical and bookish imaginaries of healing between three peregrine theological teachers from the seventh century: Sophronius, Theodore of Tarsus, and Cuthbert.

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