Black Lives Matter, Except When they Don't

April 19, 2023

Author: Andrea Wight

On April 19th, 2023 Robert J. Patterson, Ph.D. of Georgetown University discussed the recent political controversies surrounding AP African American Studies, and why Black lives matter, except when they don't.

Robert Patterson speaking at podium

Professor Robert Patterson provided an insightful overview of African American history focusing on the role of female African American educators in uplifting their students and showing "resistence in this moment of being oppressed." He transitioned into an indepth discussion of the controversies surrounding the AP African American pilot program and encouraged attendees to resist those enabling the controversies and to keep moving the needle forward on things that matter.

This lecture was organized by the Alexandrian Society under the direction of faculty adviser Bernard Moitt, Ph.D. Alexandrian Society students are involved in all aspects of presenting lectures and symposia and benefit from the opportunity to engage with world-renowned scholars. Lectures and symposia are free and open to the public.