A Day in The Life: Documentary Editing

June 26, 2020

Kerry Dahm wearing a mask with files of documents in the background

If you are wondering what you can do with an MA in History, our alumni provide some interesting examples in our public history blog - from opening a surf cultural museum, reimagining a historical site with dynamic preservation, advancing the mission of a museum, to transitioning from internship to a rewarding career.

Our latest blog, A Day in The Life: Documentary Editingwritten by History M.A. alumna Kerry Dahm provides a fascinating look into creating the definitive edition of Thomas Jefferson’s correspondence.

She writes about the process stating, "The changes are entered, more checking is done and after we think we have done enough checking, we add another stage of “paranoia checks,” just to be sure."

Talk about attention to detail!

Read A Day in The Life: Documentary Editing.