Congratulations, Graduates!

Remarks from
Undergraduate Student
Seren Leonard

Remarks from
Graduate Student
Woodie Walker II

It gives the Department of History great pleasure to present our candidates for all bachelor’s and master's degrees. These students have fulfilled all requirements and are recommended by our faculty.

We Celebrate You!

B.A. in History

  • Kathleen Baughan
  • Sarah Brannan
  • Meredith Bush
  • Rachel Carlton
  • Ching Hin Chui
  • Ieidi Cooper
  • James Currie
  • Ryan Dixon
  • Kristina Donnally
  • Camden Fitzpatrick
  • Kyle Fuller
  • Sabrina Gonzales
  • Gracia Guzman Mendoza
  • Elke Hernandez
  • Cole Hutcherson
  • Aubin Irigaray
  • Robert Johnson
  • Rania Khaldieh
  • Sara Laiti
  • Seren Leonard
  • Melanie Mastin
  • Robert McGuire
  • Christopher Meike
  • Tiffany Meyer
  • Kate Parker
  • Nathaniel Reed
  • Lindsey Ridout
  • Alexis Sanchez
  • Matthew Shultz
  • James Sirmans
  • Gregory Smith
  • Annaliese Taylor
  • Evan Waffle
  • Robin Williams
  • Tyler Witschi

M.A. in History

  • Joshua Dow
  • Meika Downey
  • Ana Edwards
  • Mason Little
  • Woodie Walker II
  • Peighton Young
  • Alexandra Zukas

Congratulations to our Award Winners

Alden G. Bigelow Award

  • Tyler N. Witschi

F. Edward Lund Award

  • Kristina Donnally

James Tice Moore Essay Award

  • Eric Szandzik

W. E. B. Dubois Award for Excellence in History

  • Gregory Smith

graduation mortarboards being tossed in the air