Master's of Arts (M.A.)

M.A. student presenting at a poster session

The Graduate School’s policies and procedures regarding matters such as admission, registration and enrollment, payment of tuition, graduation requirements, and other important matters are detailed in the annual bulletin.

Program overview

The M.A. degree program is designed to be completed in two years for students attending full time, or in less than six years for students attending part time. All graduate students are required to take HIST 601, Historiography and Methodology. Additional requirements depend upon whether a student chooses to write a thesis or not. This decision is made at the end of the first year in the program.

Program Options: non-thesis and thesis concentrations


For course offerings in any given semester, please consult the Schedule of Classes. For general descriptions of all the courses, see Course Descriptions.

A student may take up to six hours of credits outside the History Department. He/she must secure approval from the department's Graduate Director before taking such a course. 

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