Summer Study Abroad: Barbados: Atlantic History & Culture

The Office of International Education, the Department of History and the African American Studies Program at Virginia Commonwealth University are pleased to offer a unique opportunity to study on-site in Barbados. The program will highlight the historical and cultural heritage of the Caribbean at a festive time in Barbados (the Crop Over festival) when the island is in the midst of celebrating its African cultural traditions through music and dance. Lectures will be held at the Cave Hill campus of the University of the West Indies. Click here for additional information about the study abroad program

Program Director: Bernard Moitt, Ph.D. Email:

American Studies Program - China

Launched in 2005, the American Studies Program (ASP) was designed for Chinese students who already have a strong command of English but want to test their English ability in a real-life university environment. ASP is a four-week academic/cultural immersion program that includes lectures from university professors and tours of local cultural and heritage sites. The program is located at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, Virginia. The city of Richmond is centrally located on the east coast of the U.S., thus allowing the program to incorporate visits to historic Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Monticello, Washington DC, and New York City. Click here for additional information about the American Studies Program - China

Program Director: John Herman, Ph.D. Email:

Extended Teacher Preparation Program

Through the School of Education's Extended Teacher Preparation Program, students interested in teaching early childhood/elementary, middle, secondary or special education will complete studies combining the liberal arts and sciences with professional studies in an integrated sequence, typically over a five-year period. Individuals completing the program receive the simultaneous awarding of a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts in a liberal arts and sciences major (English, history, mathematics, biology, etc.), a Master of Teaching, and an endorsement to teach in their chosen field of professional study. For history majors, the course of study consists of the following: Bachelor of Arts degree requirements as stipulated by the College of Humanities and Science and the history department; Broad endorsement courses in the fields of Political Science, Geography, and Economics; and 33 hours of graduate study under the guidelines of the School of Education. Click here for additional information about the Extended Teacher Preparation Program

Science, Technology and Society (STS)

In the history department's interdisciplinary study of STS, student's explore science, technology, and medicine in context.  Students taking STS courses will be better equipped to address important big questions about science and technology with a tool-kit that will seed future innovative and critical thinking. History department affiliated faculty include professors Karen Rader, John Powers, and Kathryn Shively.