Scholarships & Awards

The VCU department of history currently offers the following award and scholarship opportunities to graduate students.  Contact Dr. Joseph Bendersky if you have questions.


James Tice Moore Scholarship in History for Teachers 

This merit based-scholarship honors the distinguished career of Dr. James T. Moore. Dr. Moore taught in the VCU History Department for over three decades, where he achieved a notable reputation as a teacher/scholar and served as Department Chair. This scholarship is awarded to a teacher currently enrolled in or applying to the VCU History MA Program.

Previous Award Recipients:

  • 2016-2017, Ms. Emily Chadwell
  • 2015-2016, Mr. Michael Strusky
  • 2014-2015, Mr. Benjamin D. Tyree
  • 2013-2014, Mr. Michael Strusky
  • 2012-2013, Mr. Jeffrey G. Dunnington
  • 2011-2012, Ms. Mary O. Cosby
  • 2010-2011, Ms. Mary H. Cosby
  • 2008-2009, Mr. Mack H. Scott


William E. Blake Scholarship

This merit-based scholarship honors the distinguished career of William E. Blake. For decades, Dr. Blake taught courses on the Reformation and the History of Christianity, building student and popular interest to such an extent that an endowed chair was established at VCU in his honor. This scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate major or graduate student in history demonstrating an an interest in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Reformation, or the History of Christianity.


Craig Kennedy Scholarships

These scholarships, one based on merit, and one based on need, are named after Craig Kennedy, a longtime friend of the Department. Undergraduate majors and graduate students in history are eligible to apply.


James Tice Moore Graduate Essay Award

This book prize award honors the best paper by a history graduate student.

Previous Award Recipients:

  • 2014-2015, Ms. Amanda Tompkins
  • 2013-2014, Ms. Caitlin D. Foltz
  • 2012-2013, Mr. Anthony Cox
  • 2010-2011, Mr. Bryan Kessler
  • 2009-2010, Ms. Alyce Graham, Mr. Jacques B. Vest
  • 2008-2009, Mr. Schuyler Van Valkenburg
  • 2007-2008, Ms. Lauren T. Wanveer
  • 2006-2007, Mr. Scott B. Hansen
  • 2005-2006, Mr. Scott B. Hansen
  • 2004-2005, Mr. John M. Fout, Mr. Terrence M. Moore, Mr. Eric A. Ruark
  • 2003-2004, Ms. Anne Berler, Mr. Scott Hansen
  • 2002-2003, Ms. Angela L. Boyer
  • 2001-2002, Mr. John McClure
  • 2000-2001, Mr. John McClure
  • 1999-2000, Mr. Solomon K. Smith
  • 1979-1998, Mr. James Nuessle
  • 1996-1997, Ms. Kelley M. Brandes