Financial Aid

Several graduate teaching assistantships (GTA) are available to qualified History graduate students. They cover tuition and pay the student a stipend as well, but do not include fees (averaging $1000 per semester).  The stipend is approximately $11,500.  In return, the GTA works with a professor in an introductory-level undergraduate course.  Typically, GTAs grade tests and papers, assist students in understanding course material, and perform other classroom duties. 

Applicants for a GTA should declare their candidacy in the personal statement submitted with their admission applications.  They should describe their qualifications and explain how a GTA will help them fulfill their educational goals.  The Financial Aid Office will assist with various other means of financing graduate study at VCU.

A GTA is eligible to receive four semesters of aid provided he/she is performing at a satisfactory level in his/her own graduate coursework and as a teaching assistant.  A GTA does not need to apply for an assistantship each semester.  Thus, in any given semester there may be one or more openings for new GTAs, or there may be no openings.  GTAs are selected by the Department’s Graduate Affairs Committee.